Drug Prevention Panel Speakers

Detective William Velek

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

  • Facts regarding the law
  • Parent rights and obligations
  • Resources through law enforcement
  • What to look for if your child is using, paraphernalia

Brenda Tumasone

Prevention Coordinator, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

  • Signs and symptoms of drug use
  • “What next?” What to do if you find out your teen is using
  • Teen tips
  • Social Media awareness and safety tips

Dawnel DeRubeis

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, More Than Sad Program
Mrs. US America International 2017

  • The correlation between drug use and suicide incidence
  • Prevention techniques

Michelle Krantz

La Mesa Junior High School Principal

  • Recommendations for parents
  • Warning signs and experiences at the junior high level
  • Prevention for junior high school students
  • Ways in which parents can get involved in their children’s lives